domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

Happy New Year

Are you ready to make your calendar?
Follow you teacher instructions...
And here's some information that might be useful:
- Check essential TIME EXPRESSIONS, then revise the names of months and seasons with these EXERCISES  or sing along the "Seasons Rap" HERE.

- And HERE are some important events that will occur in 2012
- Now, learn some time expressions and the prepositions you must use with them. Listen to your teacher, practise with the activities HERE and then try THIS GAME
- And to finish, HERE is an interactive calendar with important dates and, at least,  one activity for each day.
Not sure about when to use "at", "in" and "on" with time expressions?
Watch this video 

and study THIS LESSON about how to write and say dates. Then choose some of the exercises with days, months, dates... that you can find HERE
And, now it's time for some brain gym:
To revise SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE  you can try these activities:

Present Simple and Plural Activities, by Victoria-Ladybug
Find this and other present simple exercises in English Exercises .org
Click and Learn: 1ESO --> Lexicon --> Activities